Terribly Littering Disobedience - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Valonsko.


Nice travelling

Can I just say one thing? Go to Stockholm and its archipelago! It is beautiful and you will really enjoy it for what its worth. I do believe that this should be done as soon as possible and why not just try to do something for the rest of us and therefore also try to make something good too. Yes, I do believe that this is something good and that one could do this soon. But if its not possible, why not just try to get it on and therefore also trying to get out on the water and ...

Dress Fabric

So for the fall and winter when Im stuck in my dwelling, I will do projects...sew, make totes, maybe those fingerless gloves i made a few years ago, Id love to sew a dress....we only have the problem of me not wanting to follow patterns, I just want to look, measure with my eyes, cut, and sew...no? Not a good idea? Darn...ok, maybe then I will learn to sew, for real..i just want a simple dress, long sleeves, and just below the knee, sort of pin up style...if i get a fabric that is stretchy I might not have to ...


Well I am so disappointed. One of my sons is playing ice hockey and they say he has really talent. Every other thing in his life is arranged around those trainings on Wednesday and Saturday. Yesterday evening, just a few days before the training starts, I received an email that from now on the training will be on Thursday. That is the day he has the Dutch school and I arranged that the school had to be on Thursday because of the hockey on Wednesday. Now I cannot change that anymore. I spent all evening to find another club.

Snel met de technologie

Met zakelijk glas kan je hele snelle verbindingen krijgen. Voor ons is het niet zo snel met het internet waar wij zijn. Wij hebben draadloos internet door een leverancier maar ze kunnen nooit helemaal zeker verbinding garanteren. Dat is heel vervelend. Als je afhankelijk ben van het internet is het niet makkelijk. Ik moet werken en studeren door internet en het is moeilijk als het niet werkt natuurlijk. Dan kan je een beetje stress voelen. Maar vaak kom het net terug vrij vlug ook al gaat het niet snel.